Sunwah Group promotes development in education, culture and talent training in Cambodia

(21 Feb 2020)

Xinhua News – In the morning of 18 Feb, Dr Jonathan Choi, Chairman of Sunwah Group, visited Cambodia and met with Dr Hang Chuon Naron, Cambodian Minister of Education, Youth and Sport. After the meeting, under the witness of Minister Hang Chuon Naron and Chairman of Sunwah Group, Mr Gilbert Tsui, General Manager of Sunwah Cambodia, and Dr Hor Peng, Chancellor of University of Management of Cambodia (NUM), signed the Memorandum of Understanding. Dr Jonathan Choi revealed that the cooperation focuses on talent training, cultural exchanges, infrastructure renovation and promotion of innovation.

wechat-image_20200221085102Dr Jonathan Choi (left), Chairman of Sunwah Group, and Dr Hang Chuon Naron (right), Cambodian Minister of Education, Youth and Sport

Regarding talent training, Sunwah Group will coordinate with NUM in 3 years to select 4 outstanding students per year to sponsor a 2-year Master’s degree, in which 2 students will study at Jinan University (Guangzhou) and the other 2 will study at Macao University, China.

Regarding cultural exchanges, the Jonathan KS Choi Cultural Center will be established within the campus of NUM. The Center will serve as a platform for selecting and training talents in Cambodian culture as well as promote cultural exchanges between China and Cambodia. Dr Choi also shared that in recent years, Sunwah Group has established several Cultural Centers in Vietnam, Japan, France and Canada and they all achieve remarkable results in the promotion of cross-border cultural exchanges between China and other countries.

wechat-image_20200221085110Mr Gilbert Tsui (sitting on the left), General Manager of Sunwah Cambodia, and Dr Hor Peng (sitting on the right), Chancellor of University of Management of Cambodia, signed the Memorandum of Understanding

Regarding innovation program, the Sunwah Innovation Center will also be established within the University’s campus. The Center will provide practical and innovative recommendations to support the University’s plans for talent training and the implement of innovative business projects. In additional, young Cambodians will have the opportunity to join Sunwah Global Young Leaders Network to develop their international outlook, enhance leadership skills and personal strengths.

Chancellor of NUM Hang Chuon Naron shared that the cooperation between Sunwah Group and NUM plays an important role. The cooperation will not only actively promote the development of education, culture and talent quality in Cambodia but also attract more foreign investment into the country. The Sunwah Innovation Center will bring valuable opportunities to develop the startup ecosystem in Cambodia as well as enhance the country’s international status.

After the Signing Ceremony, Dr Jonathan Choi and Minister Hang Chuon Naron attended the interview with several local media agencies. Dr Choi noted that Sunwah Group has more than 20 years of doing business in Cambodia in the fields of Seafood, Agriculture, Real estate and Finance. In recent years, the socio-economic situation of Cambodia has achieved remarkable results which in turn increased significantly people’s living standards.

As the Founding Chairman of the Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macao Bay Area Entrepreneur Union, Dr Choi affirmed that he will spend more efforts in inviting more investors and enterprises from the Bay Area to invest in Cambodia which will further promote cooperation and trade exchange between China and Cambodia. He also suggested that the government should focus on improving the country’s infrastructure and creating a favorable business environment to attract more foreign investment.

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