400 participants from Vietnamese and Chinese ministries, associations and enterprises attended the training course on ancient tea

(26 September 2022) – On 26 September, the Opening Ceremony of a training course on ancient tea of Yunnan province of China and Northern provinces of Vietnam was jointly organized in Kunming (China) by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Department of Foreign Affairs of Yunnan province, and the Vietnamese Consulate General in Kunming.

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Participants on the Vietnamese side were the Consul General of Vietnam in Kunming Mr. Nguyen Trung Hieu; Director of the Agro Processing and Market Development Department, under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Toan; Deputy Director of Agriculture and Rural Development Department of Lai Chau province Mr Tong Van Duong; General Director of Sunwah Vietnam Mr Jesse Choi; Standing Vice President of the Vietnam Tea Association Ms Nguyen Thi Anh Hong; and 308 students who are leaders, agricultural-technical experts as well as representatives from tea associations and businesses from the Northern Institute of Agro-Forestry Science and Technology, 12 Northern provinces of Vietnam including Lao Cai, Ha Giang, Lai Chau, Dien Bien, Yen Bai, Tuyen Quang, Bac Can, Thai Nguyen, Son La, Cao Bang, Phu Tho, and Hoa Binh.

From Yunnan province, there were leaders of various local agencies and departments, the President of Yunnan Puer Tea Association and 100 students who are officials and businesses from Honge County, Wenshan County and Puer City, at the border of Vietnam – China.

Speaking at the Ceremony, Consul General Mr Nguyen Trung Hieu expressed his gratitude to the Course’s co-organizers; the support from Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the People’s Committees of 12 Northern provinces, and Sunwah Group.

400-can-bo-hiep-hoi-va-doanh-nghiep-hai-nuoc-viet-nam-trung-quoc-tham-du-khoa-tap-huaConsul General of Vietnam in Kunming Mr Nguyen Trung Hieu

Director of Sunwah Vietnam Mr Jesse Choi shared that Sunwah Group is an international conglomerate with businesses in both Vietnam and Yunnan. The Group is committed to supporting regional cooperation and exchanges, notably between Vietnam and China. Expressing his delight that this training course will be a new chapter in the collaboration in ancient tea production between the northern provinces of Vietnam and Yunnan province, Mr. Jesse Choi noted that a senior expert of Sunwah Puer Tea Company would participate in the teaching of the Training Course. In the near future, Sunwah Group will continue to contribute to the Vietnam – China partnership as well as the development of the friendship between Vietnam and Yunnan.

3b448e20-c90e-4afb-9b7f-02f446c4480cDirector of Sunwah Vietnam Mr Jesse Choi

At the request and introduction of the Consulate General of Vietnam in Kunming, Sunwah Puer Tea Company and Shanam Tea Company cooperated to produce the first Vietnam-China Friendship Tea Cake made from ancient tea materials of Vietnam and Yunnan province to commemorate the beginning of official cooperation between the two sides’ ancient tea industry.

day-manh-giao-luu-van-hoa-che-va-hop-tac-che-co-thu-tai-thi-truong-van-nam-trung-quocVietnam-China Friendship Tea Cake

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