Dr Jonathan Choi met with Prime Minister of Cambodia and Prime Minister of Vietnam

(25 March 2019)

Takungpao – On 16th March 2019, Prime Minister of Cambodia, H.E. Hun Sen, had a meeting with Dr Jonathan Choi, Chairman of the Hong Kong Chinese General Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of Sunwah Group, at the Prime Minister’s Office. Prime Minister Hun Sen highly appreciated Dr Jonathan Choi and Sunwah Group’s contribution in real estate and seafood trading in Cambodia for many years. H.E. Hun Sen also shared that he has known Dr Choi for more than 24 years. The Cambodian Prime Minister hoped that Sunwah Group will expand investment in developing large-scale projects in Cambodia and pledged to create favorable conditions to support the Group.

20190325022548444Dr Jonathan Choi (left), Chairman of the Hong Kong Chinese General Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of Sunwah Group, and H.E. Hun Sen (right), Prime Minister of Cambodia

In the coming time, Sunwah Group will develop a 62-storey residential and commercial complex covering an area of nearly 450,000 sq.m in the center of Phnom Penh. The total investment of this large-scale project is more than 4 billion RMB. Prime Minister Hun Sen noted he had high expectation and would attend the inauguration ceremony of this project. Furthermore, the year 2019 is considered to be China – Cambodia Tourism and Culture Year. Dr Choi shared that Sunwah Group plans to develop the China – Cambodia Cultural Centre in Phnom Penh to promote the friendship and cultural exchanges between the two countries. H.E. Hun Sen expressed his gratitude and promised to provide support to Sunwah to build the Centre.

On the evening of 19th March 2019, at the Government’s Office in Hanoi, Prime Minister of Vietnam, H.E. Nguyen Xuan Phuc, met with Dr Jonathan Choi, Chairman of the Hong Kong – Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of Sunwah Group.

At the meeting, the Vietnamese Prime Minister expressed his satisfaction for Hong Kong enterprises’ successful business operations in Vietnam, particularly of Sunwah Group. H.E. Nguyen Xuan Phuc highlighted the sound cooperation between Vietnam and China in general and between Vietnam and Hong Kong in particular which has achieved remarkable results in various fields such as finance, trade, tourism and culture. He also suggested the Hong Kong – Vietnam Chamber of Commerce to act as the bridge to further promote the cooperation between Vietnamese and Chinese companies.

anhat1954Dr Jonathan Choi (left), Chairman of the Hong Kong – Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of Sunwah Group, and H.E. Nguyen Xuan Phuc (right), Prime Minister of Vietnam

Dr Jonathan Choi expressed his appreciation for the support from Vietnamese Prime Minister, the Government and relevant agencies that contributed to the success of many Hong Kong enterprises in Vietnam. Dr Choi also reported to H.E. Nguyen Xuan Phuc on following up to the Prime Minister’s suggestion during the first China International Import Exhibition (CIIE 2018) in Shanghai last year. The Hong Kong – Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Sunwah Group will support Chinese and Hong Kong enterprise in bringing Vietnamese agricultural products to the global market; as well as connect Chinese and Japanese businesses to jointly invest in Vietnam.

Dr Choi also affirmed that there is tremendous potential for China – Vietnam cooperation. Recently, Sunwah Group has invited many business and government delegations to Vietnam to explore investment and cooperation opportunities in the fields of tourism, start-up, energy and infrastructure.

The Prime Minister welcomed Chinese and Hong Kong firms to invest in transport infrastructure and energy in Vietnam, affirming that the Government will create all favorable conditions for foreign investors to do business in Vietnam who have financial potential, management capacity and modern technology without causing environmental pollution.

anhat2061From left to right: Mr Johnson Choi, Executive Director of Sunwah Group; Dr Jonathan Choi; Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc; and Mr Jesse Choi, Assistant to Chairman of Sunwah Group

Translated from: Takungpao

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