Mr Jesse Choi, Director of Sunwah Vietnam, visited Consulate Generals of Malaysia and Cambodia in Ho Chi Minh City

(4 August 2020)

Sunwah – In the morning of 4 August 2020, Mr Jesse Choi, Director of Sunwah Vietnam, paid a visit to the Malaysian Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City to meet with the Consul General (CG) Ms Wong Chia Chiann and the Consul Mr Raja Hanizam Putra. Mr Jesse Choi introduced about Sunwah Group, our businesses worldwide, in Malaysia and in Vietnam. Ms Wong is deeply impressed with the development of Sunwah and our long history in Vietnam. She also expressed her interest in our projects in Malaysia which are the emu farming, green technology and innovation. She would like to introduce the Malaysia Chamber of Commerce in Ho Chi Minh City to Sunwah to explore more opportunities.

wechat-image_20200807110250Mr Jesse Choi (third from right), Director of Sunwah Vietnam; Ms Wong Chia Chiann (third from left), Consul General of Malaysia to Ho Chi Minh City; and Mr Raja Hanizam Putra (second from left)

Later, Mr Jesse Choi sent Dr Choi’s greetings to the CG and invited her to join the International Film Forum, openings of Sunwah Innovation Center, USSH – Jonathan KS Choi Cultural Centre and Sunwah Vietnam’s 50th Anniversary Events this year as the Guest of Honour. She replied saying she was happy and honored to be able to participate in the 50th Anniversary of Sunwah Vietnam. For the film project, she can introduce Malaysian film directors for more exchanges at the International Film Forum. Finally, the Malaysian CG shared that Sunwah’s upcoming projects in Vietnam are remarkably interesting and promising, and from there she can tell how farsighted our Chairman is. She would like to provide her best support to our activities, helping tighten the relationship between Sunwah and Malaysia.

In the afternoon, Mr Jesse Choi paid another visit to the Cambodian Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City to meet with the Consul General, Mr Sok Dareth. After introducing about Sunwah and our projects and activities in Cambodia, Mr Jesse Choi spent time introducing about new projects in Vietnam, especially the Sunwah Innovation Center and our international platform. We also sent the invitation to the CG to our series of celebration events in Vietnam later this year. The CGs conveyed his sincere respect to Sunwah and expressed his great pleasure and honor to participate in the 50th Anniversary of Sunwah Vietnam. He also said that he would do his best to cooperate with Sunwah. He wished that Sunwah could establish an ASEAN circle and consider expanding our business in Cambodia.

wechat-image_20200807110305Mr Jesse Choi (left) and Mr Sok Dareth (right), Consul General of Cambodia to Ho Chi Minh City

wechat-image_20200807110321Mr Jesse Choi (fourth from left) and the Cambodian Consul General Mr Sok Dareth (third from right)

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