The “Ophiolite” Exhibition at the Jonathan KS Choi Cultural Centre, Beijing

(21 June 2023)

Sunwah – On 21st June, the “Ophiolite” Exhibition, jointly organized by the Jonathan KS Choi Foundation and the French Embassy in China, was inaugurated at Baiyun Pavilion, in Beijing, China. The Exhibition is an integral part of the overall China – France Cultural Spring Event and will run for three months.

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The Exhibition showcases artworks by artists who have previously won the second “Choi Foundation Contemporary Art Award”. It also highlights the collaboration between the Jonathan KS Choi Foundation, the Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art in Nice, France, and the Inside-Out Art Museum in Beijing.

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During the Opening Ceremony, Dr Jonathan Choi, Director of the Jonathan KS Choi Foundation and Chairman of Sunwah Group, in his speech has highlighted the Foundation’s commitment to building cultural bridges and facilitating exchanges between China and France. He also expressed his hope to utilize the available resources of Sunwah Group and the Jonathan KS Choi Foundation to support artists from both countries, providing a platform for exhibition and fostering broader international exchanges.

Mr. Bai Chunyan, Acting Representative of the French Embassy in China, acknowledged the significant role of the “Jonathan KS Choi Foundation Contemporary Art Award” in promoting Sino – French art and culture.

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